Hello Friend!

I have been chasing down this storytelling art since my parents placed a camera in my hands at the age of 8. My mission is to capture all of the warmth, love, and moments we often miss or forget. This career brings me so much joy and I honestly meet the most beautiful souls through it. Maybe I have a boundary problem, but when the photographing is done I feel like I’ve gained new friends. My goal is for my couples to feel as relaxed, carefree, and themselves as they would around their best friends. If that sounds like something you are looking for in your photographer then send me a message and let’s talk, I’d love to meet you!

Chances are…you’ll also meet my hubby! Justin is not only my partner in life and crime but I also got lucky enough to marry my second shooter. He’ll hang with the guys on the wedding day and also make sure we get all those awesome candid shots we love!


More About Us

Justin and I have been together since 2017. After rejecting him in January I finally accepted a date in December after he underwent emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix. It might have been a little bit of a pity date ;) Our wedding was in May of 2019 and we were married with only our family and closest friends in a historical church. When we aren't running around with our camera's we love to go camping, have bonfires and play card games, go on long walks to solve life's problems, or spend time with our family. We both love the Enneagram Personalities so if you're into that too... I'm a 2W3 and he's a 5W4!


While photography is my biggest passion in life, I am also very passionate about getting to drink my first cup of coffee in the morning before I have to function too much. Justin knows this all too well! I love reruns of Friends and I Love Lucy, snuggling dogs, learning how to do new things, listening to my record albums, and hunting down mid century finds at antique stores or flea markets. Poppies, Sunflowers, cinnamon anything, and classic storybooks – these are a few of my favorite things…


I love tinkering with any kind of project, which often includes a soldering iron or tools of some sort. I’m currently working on restoring a 1976 Honda motorcycle and with the rest of my free time you’ll usually find me playing guitar, rearranging my pedal board, or researching the latest whiskey I want to try. I love to talk about life around a campfire and have friendly debates on philosophy or theology with my friends and family while smoking my tobacco pipe.

In Our Spare Time...

We can be total dorks and we love to laugh

We have a lot of plant babies...we might be obsessed

Camping trips are always a favorite for us - and of course grabbing a polaroid at the campsite is a must

are you ready to meet these crazy cats?